Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities is a network of charities that aims to help those in need and to help create a system of justice in society. The origins of Catholic Charities can be traced back to an orphanage that was founded in 1727 in New Orleans. It is estimated that the Catholic Charities, along with the local diocesan charities is the second largest social provider in the United States. Only the Federal Government surpasses their reach.

The headquarters of Catholic Charities is in Alexandria in Virginia. The headquarters supports the various divisions in order to enhance the delivery of human services. In this area the Catholic Charities has awarded thousands of dollars through the Centennial Recognition Program and the Casey Family Strengthening Awards Program. Many millions have been donated to Housing and Urban Development Housing Counseling Grant through federal grants.

Catholic Charities supports the local agencies via advocacy, networking, national voice, training, financial support, leadership and disaster response. The organization advocates policy makers with regards to the poverty reduction agenda. It provides networking opportunities so that members can come together and share information, problems and the solutions that were effective. It allows the local agencies to have a national voice, something that would otherwise not have been possible for smaller agencies. They also provide training to new people who join the group. The financial support and guiding principles help the local agencies to act effectively. Catholic Charities USA has also been commissioned by the US Catholic bishops to represent the Catholic community in case of a disaster situation.

Some of the other programs that the organization has include financial benefits, poverty campaigns, race and diversity, human trafficking, immigration, family strengthening, motherhood, fatherhood, volunteer recognition, climate change and housing counseling. Each of these programs follows the basic principles of the Catholic tradition in order to ensure a common thread. This includes feeling the love of God through compassion.


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