Catholic Charities USA History

Catholic Charities has been around for more than 280 years and has made its mark felt in various places through the compassionate work that they have done. The roots of the charities can be traced back to an orphanage in New Orleans in 1727. This orphanage is said to have been started by the French Ursuline Sisters.

When immigration was at its peak in the mid 1800s, many charities mushroomed since they were in high demand. The Catholic agencies were established in various cities along the east coast and since the immigrants needed homes to stay, housing was a major thrust area at that time. It also helped in providing homes to a lot of children who lost their parents to disease, tragedies and war.

Catholic Charities and its network are said to one of the largest social service networks that exist today. There are more than 240,000 volunteers, staff and board members that work relentlessly in order to fight against poverty, discrimination and more. It is estimated that the network impacts the life of about 7.8 million people across the world and these people belong to different faiths too.

It is claimed that 90 cents of every dollar that is donated to Catholic Charities goes towards furthering the programs that they have. This places the organization among one of the most efficient charities that exist across the world.

The programs that the Catholic Charities support differ from area to area depending on the need of the place. While there are guiding principles that dictate the specific causes that are taken up and the manner in which these are served, the handling is done in a local manner.

In 2010, Catholic Charities US celebrated it centennial. A new thrust was provided in order to attract donations, volunteers and to ensure that new programs were identified for a cause.


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